Virtual Coffee and Conversations with Survivors and Advocates

Tuesday, October 20

8:30 – 9:30 AM
Domestic violence, when it is not properly understood, appears simple—physical, definable, visible and escapable. The truth is that it is none of these things. We challenge you to rethink domestic violence – as a gender issue and as a racial justice issue.

During this Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we invite you to join survivors and advocates as they discuss the realities of domestic violence in our community.

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Kirby Williams, Outreach Coordinator, Legal Aid of Nebraska
Kirby Williams (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) is the outreach coordinator for the Native American Program with Legal Aid of Nebraska. She has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in clinical psychology from Missouri State University. For six years, she has worked to raise awareness and promote prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and stalking, focusing her work on serving Native American survivors. Additionally, she has a background of knowledge in psychological diagnostics, statistical analysis, the impact of trauma from a physical and psychological perspective, and healing from a culturally relevant perspective. Kirby currently serves on the board for the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs (NCIA) and is a Class 5 graduate fellow of the National Human Trafficking Leadership Academy (HTLA).

Leontyne Evans, Survivor Engagement Specialist, Survivors Rising
After experiencing years of trauma, Leontyne decided to study the human brain as it relates to relationships and discovered her passion for ending the cycle of unhealthy/abusive relationships. After graduating from Bellevue University with a degree in psychology and behavioral science, Leontyne began living out her passion by becoming a domestic violence intervention specialist, trained mediator, life coach specializing in healthy relationships and author. She currently works as the Survivor Engagement Specialist for Survivors Rising, where she helps to empower and uplift survivors by providing education and resources that encourage survivor voice and self-sufficiency. She is a published Author of two books, “Princeton Pike Road” and “Relationships, Friendships, and Situationships-90 days of Inspiration to Keep Your Ships From Sinking”, which both support her mission of ending the cycle of unhealthy relationships.

Marlin Joyce, Advocacy Manager, Women's Center for Advancement
Marlin has worked in advocacy for juveniles in the system through CEDARS and the Malone Center in Lincoln, and is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Born in Los Angeles to immigrant parents, Marlin was raised in a predominantly Latinx community before moving to Lincoln in 2003. She is passionate about advocating for not only survivors of domestic violence/sexual assault but also those survivors who are BIPOC and LGBTQIAS2+ as the violence is not only emitted by their direct abuser but also by a system that sees them as less than due to the color of their skin, where they descend from and their sexual orientation.

Molly Nocita, Growth Officer, HTI Labs
Molly has more than 12 years of experience in the financial services industry and is also as an influential survivor leader. Molly’s leadership strengths and talents are maximized when working in the areas of vision, strategy and execution. She brings expertise to operational excellence initiatives, developing and streamlining processes and procedures, and delivering an outstanding customer experience. She also works closely with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office to provide training to law enforcement, is a member of the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force and has been instrumental in forming strategies and priorities related to human trafficking throughout Nebraska.

Discussion will be moderated by Christon MacTaggart, Domestic/Sexual Violence Project Manager, Women’s Fund of Omaha

Time: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

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